10 Perfect House Plants for Condominium Residents of Madison, WI

With the condominium culture fitting well among the urban population, the free spaces of most cities are utilized more for the construction of buildings than anything else. As a result, sometimes people have to face the dearth of a less green and more concrete environment.

Madison is blessed with humid continental climate having 3 months of chilly winter and heavy snowfall. Thus, it is only justified to seek a fresh, less humid and greener environment at home, if not outside!

House plants have the flexibility of low cost and maintenance and come with a host of benefits like –

  • Supplying oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide
  • Improving air quality by removing toxins from the air
  • Reducing stress by creating a serene feeling of being with nature
  • Acting as good humidifiers during dry winter months
  • Providing freshness to the home with their naturally beautiful scent
  • Getting you a better sleep

If you haven’t ever thought of keeping house plants before, this could be the right time to start.

To make it easy for you, we have done some research to find out the house plants that are good for your health, home and surroundings, and are well-suited for both summer and chilly winter that the city experiences.

Here are 10 perfect house plants for condominium residents of Madison, WI that we have carefully selected after keeping in mind the above factors:

1. Spider plant

Spider plant

This plant adapts to your house quickly and gives very few or zero problems. It is a truly low maintenance indoor plant. 


  • Grows in a wide range of temperatures, but prefers indirect sunlight and cooler temperatures.
  • Shaped like a spider
  • During spring and summer, snake plants produce flowers that can grow into another plantlet!
  • Need moist soil and clean filtered water.


  • Keep the plant in well-aerated pots
  • If you have a cat at home, keep the plant away from its reach, as some of its properties attract cats.
  • Spider plants don’t need frequent watering
  • Never over-fertilize the plant, once in 2 weeks during the growing season is enough
  • If there are visible tubers in the plant, replace the pot or top it up with fresh good soil.
  • Browning of leaves in the plant is normal and a little extra care like changing the soil or reducing the frequency of watering should help you get rid of it.

With a little care, the spider plant can give a beautiful look to your home apart from the plenty of good air.

2. Snake plant

Snake plant

The most tolerant plant that needs minimal care and maintenance. They look fresh even when you don’t care for them for weeks together!


  • A great choice for modern homes give a classy look
  • Give cleaner air by filtering toxins
  • Also called as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’ because of sharp margins of its leaves.
  • Sustain on low light levels


  • Water them only when the soil surface is totally dry.
  • Always keep them in porous pots.
  • Keep them away from cats and dogs as the plant can be toxic.
  • Do not over water in winter.

Snake plants can withstand hot, humid summers as well as cold winters, which is why they are ideal choice for Madison’s indoors!

3. English Ivy

English Ivy

English Ivy can sustain in low light and cold weather conditions. It is a fast-growing plant that also has medicinal properties.


  • Popular ornamental vine; especially during winters (Christmas)
  • Useful for kids and adults suffering from asthma, bronchitis and respiratory problems
  • Natural air-purifier


  • The plant needs bright light, so place them near a window that gets ample light. During winters, if there is less light, the plant may be prone to pests and you can spray wash the plant regularly to avoid it.
  • The plant should have good drainage as its soil prefers to be dry at least on the top.
  • Do not fertilize the plant in winter, however during summer, regular fertilization is required for the plant to grow well.

There are plenty of varieties of English Ivy available in the market. With proper care, this plant can prove to be an excellent indoor plant with excellent health benefits.

4. Boston Fern

Boston Fern

An evergreen plant that keeps toxins at bay and naturally restores moisture in the air. It is an ideal house plant during cold and dry winters.


  • Beautiful and voluptuous plant with soft, green fronds.
  • Purifies the air by removing toxins emitted from paints, cooking and smoking.
  • Very easy to grow in medium light


  • Make sure the soil is moist. The fronds become brown when the moisture is less or gone.
  • Keep the plant in a cool place with indirect light or part shade.
  • If the humidity is low, the leaves turn yellow. Increase the humidity by misting.
  • Fertilization is needed only a few times a year and not regularly.

During hot summers of Madison, you can keep the plant outside as well. With the right environment setup, Boston fern is quite a simple house plant to maintain.

5. Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm

If you are just beginning your indoor planting journey, start with this plant. It is cheap and easy to maintain too.


  • An attractive plant with a delicate texture
  • Provides clean air
  • Grows up to 4 feet tall even in low light and humidity conditions
  • Can be grown outside during warm weather


  • During winters, the plant needs less water, while during summer it needs more humidity and water.
  • Overwatering can rot of roots, so decide the optimal level based on the surface of the soil. If it is neither too wet nor too dry, it is safe to water the plant. Make sure the soil is evenly moist.
  • Use liquid fertilizer monthly during summer and once in 2 months during winters and fall.
  • Remove the brown or sagging leaves leaving the stem intact so that new leaves can grow.

The most versatile house plant that can be, Parlor Palm can practically grow in any climatic condition with very little care.

6. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos

These trailing vine plants grow in any indoor environment. They give an elegant look with the golden glow in the middle of green leaves.


  • Heart-shaped pointed leaves that are large and look waxy
  • Can flourish even with fluorescent light, though it prefers bright indirect light
  • Come in attractive varieties like Marble queen, Silver satin, Neon and Pearls, and Jade.


  • A slightly acidic pH soil is good for the plant with good draining pot.
  • If left without watering also, the plant keeps itself from drooping for a long time. In fact, if the soil is too wet, the plant might collapse.
  • If the roots are all over the pot, the leaves will start to droop. Re-pot the plant with fresh soil in such case.
  • Needs regular pruning
  • Keep away from cats and dogs

With its heart-shaped leaves, this vine is the perfect romantic house plant that can considerably lift your mood.

7. Philodendron


If you treat philodendrons with love and care, they will remain beautiful and healthy for many years!


  • Vining or self-heading plants that are heart-shaped with 3 feet long leaves
  • Can sustain in any humidity and sunlight levels, even when not taken care of well!
  • Easily adapt to changes in place and environment


  • Need very less care in terms of fertilization, watering, and light.
  • If there is too little light or too much watering, the leaves can become yellow.
  • Keep away from children and pets, as any part of the plant when eaten can cause burning sensation and itching.

Philodendrons are great air purifiers and need very little care other than occasional watering.

8. ZZ plant

ZZ plant

This beautiful plant can survive in the least available sunlight and can easily sail through cold winters of Madison.


  • Has a bold, glossy and tropical look
  • A popular houseplant because it can adjust to the most difficult growing conditions
  • Grow faster with good sunlight and regular watering, however, survive with zero light and water too.
  • All the parts of this plant are toxic when directly consumed.


  • Always check the surface of the soil for dryness before watering. The soil shouldn’t be soggy.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with direct sun.
  • Fertilizing every 6 months is more than sufficient.

ZZ plants became hugely popular because they can grow even in the toughest conditions and naturally remove toxins from the air.

9. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo plants are slightly tricky and need more care and attention. If you are used to planting indoor plants and looking for more options, this is a good choice to bring good luck to your home.


  • Can survive in shade with little water
  • Best grown with high humidity
  • Can grow about 2-3 feet when kept indoors
  • Known to bring good luck and positivity in the house by fusing all the essential elements in the right proportion


  • The plant needs to be dry especially during winters
  • Keep away from direct sunlight. The plant needs moderate to low light for survival.
  • The root should always be covered with water. You can water the plant once in a week.
  • Use liquid fertilizer once in a month.
  • Discard any yellow leaves immediately to prevent damage to other parts of the plant.

In addition to beautiful looks, bamboo brings positivity and luck in the house. As per Feng Shui, if bamboo is cared for in the right manner, it can create the perfect balance of all the five elements – water, wood, earth, fire, and metal!

10. Dracaena


With cold hardiness of zone 10-12, Dracaena Marginata is perfect for Madison condos as it can survive through the low light winter conditions.  


  • Upright stems with sword-like glossy leaves
  • Leaves are a beautiful deep green with reddish edges
  • Purifies the air from household chemicals, paints, varnishes and solvents
  • Also called a rainbow plant


  • Avoid watering with cold water
  • Let the soil surface be dry before each watering instance
  • Re-pot the plant in every 2 years
  • The plant can grow very fast. It is essential to cut the top portion to maintain an ideal height.

This beautiful dragon plant gives a classy look to your home as well as improves the air quality thereby enhancing positivity around the house.


With varying temperature conditions of Madison, the above house plants are a great choice to maintain the greenery and overall well-being.

During the hot summers and spring, these plants can grow well with the right amount of sunlight and water, and during winters, they can be kept mostly dry to prevent them from rotting or dying. With little care, love and the magical green touch, make your home more beautiful and livelier!

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